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11 Reasons To Choose Toshiba EQP Global SD Motors

Since entering the electric motors market in 1970, Toshiba has earned a reputation among energy providers for durability and reliability. The company’s EQPIII motor series has been an industry standard for over 20 years, but the new line of EQP Global SD NEMA Premium motors set raise quality and performance standards even higher.

Toshiba has heard energy sector demands for improvements in energy conservation and reliability, and they have met these needs with a new range of motors that offer improved torque and lower vibrations while meeting standards laid down by the Energy Independence and Security Act.

The latest EQP Global SD premium motors feature enhanced fans, bearings, frames, brackets and rotors, and they have been put through punishing tests to ensure they provide the reliability and quality Toshiba has become known for.

Reasons to Consider Toshiba EQP Global SD Motors

1. Stronger bearings:

·      Stronger bearings: The 300 series bearings that Toshiba uses on the non-drive and drive ends of all of its electric motors last ten times longer and are designed to prevent the most common cause of motor failure.

2. Rugged construction:

·      Rugged construction: Toshiba’s solid cast iron motor design increases stability with a greater surface area at connection points, more ribbing in the end bells and deeper bearing pockets. This level of engineering lengthens the life of the motor and helps to prevent some of the most common types of mechanical failure.

3. Thermal capability: electric motors

·      Thermal capability: Class H insulation is used in Toshiba electric motors to provide the highest levels of thermal protection in the industry. Toshiba motors also last longer and have wider thermal margins because temperature rise when operating at rated conditions is engineered to be extremely low.

4. More torque:

·      More torque: The torque produced by Toshiba motors is enough to surpass NEMA Design B requirements and prevent stalling even under heavy loads. EQP Global SD motors are also designed to withstand adverse electrical factors such as voltage sags that can throttle torque and compromise performance.

5. ASD rated:

·      ASD rated: NEMA standards call for ASD-rated motors to tolerate 1,860 volt spikes to ensure their windings are able to cope with the sharp voltage fluctuations that ASD inverters produce. Toshiba motors exceed this standard and are designed to withstand spikes of up to 2,000 volts.

6. Quality control:

·      Quality control: Every single electric motor Toshiba makes is subjected to several rigorous tests during the manufacturing process and is given a final quality check before being shipped. This commitment to product quality has helped Toshiba motors to become synonymous with rugged dependability even under the most grueling conditions.

7. Reduced vibrations:next-generation

·      Reduced vibrations: Toshiba’s next-generation EQP Global SD motors are manufactured to keep vibrations at least 33 percent below NEMA limits. This preserves the integrity of internal components like bearings and lengthens the life of the motor.

8. Burnout resistance:

·      Burnout resistance: Toshiba’s insistence on using C5-rated thermal materials for rotor and stator laminations increases thermal efficiency and improves rewind ability. Many motor manufacturers sacrifice these benefits by using inferior C3 materials.

9. Cast iron strength:

·      Cast iron strength: In addition to providing excellent strength, Toshiba’s cast iron construction gives its motors excellent thermal properties. Cast iron can be precision machined to meet tighter tolerances than lighter aluminum and rolled steel frames, and it is also provides greater durability and superior corrosion resistance.

10. A comprehensive warranty:

·      A comprehensive warranty: Toshiba electric motors are backed up by the best customer service in the industry, and they work best when placed alongside products that are equally well made. When Toshiba high-quality motors and adjustable speed drives are purchased as a package, the warranty of the ASD is lengthened to three years to match the motor warranty.

11. Choice:

·      Choice: Toshiba EQP Global SD motors are available in a wide variety of configurations to meet every need. Horsepower choices start at one and go up to 1,000, and motors can be ordered with speeds ranging from 900 to 3,600 rpm. There are also several frame size and voltage options to choose from.