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3 things to know about power transmissions

If you need a reliable power transmission, Kurz Industrial has you covered. Kurz Industrial supplies power transmissions from many reputable sellers. The power transmissions that Kurz carries are designed with performance and longevity in mind. They are also high-quality products that are sold to KRO and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) markets, which means that they are reliable products used by industry leaders. Kurz distributes power transmissions across a broad geographical range, with a special emphasis on markets in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Wisconsin. If you have any questions, the experts at Kurz can help you find the right power transmission product and the optimal mechanical drive solution to ensure product performance.

What Power Transmission Products Does Kurz Carries?

Luckily, customers who are shopping for quality power transmission system will find just what they need from Kurz, which carries transmission systems from many reputable and reliable brands:

·      Dodge

·      Bodine

·      Grove

·      Sew Eurodrive

Additionally, Kurz has master power transmission systems from Master, Dodge, and Reeves Legacy Products.

Types of Power Transmission Systems

Kurz also proudly supplies you with many kinds of power transmission systems, such as:

·      Aluminum

·      Cast Iron

·      Stainless Steel

·      Bravo Aluminum

·      Helical-Inline Aluminum

Aluminum power transmission systems are some of the most unique and extensive in the lineup. They are made of a lightweight but durable material. They are available in a generic size and design, but they can also be specially crafted to meet a manufacturer's precise needs. They are produced in robust aluminum housing, and they are produced in single, double, and triple reductions.

Cast iron power transmission systems are heavy-duty workhorses by nature. They can withstand many adverse environmental conditions, along with shock loading and continuous duty cycles that are commonly found in many industrial applications. They are made in single reductions along with double and triple reductions.

If you want a power transmission system that is resistant to corrosion, a stainless-steel system is one of your best bests. A stainless-steel power transmission system has exceptional protection against corrosion. It is also rust-proof and can withstand even the toughest environmental conditions. Stainless steel transmission systems have a long life compared to other types of transmissions, which is made possible by the fact that they have external hardware, stainless steel covering, and stainless-steel housing.

Bravo aluminum power transmissions are optimal for use in commercial and industrial equipment. They are compact and lightweight, which makes them suitable for use in many smaller systems that might not otherwise be able to support a power transmission system. Bravo aluminum systems can weigh up to two-thirds less than cast iron transmission systems. They are available with both metric outputs and IEC motorized inputs, which makes them suitable generic replacements for many similar products.

Helical-Inline Aluminum power transmission systems are light-weight and efficient. They also have universal and interchangeable parts that make them suited for a variety of products and applications. Helical-inline aluminum systems have a modular design that allows you to add a flange or a base as a replacement component.

What are Power Transmissions Used For?

Power transmissions are used in several applications. Regardless of the material that they are made of and the brand, they are products that are designed to transmit the power required to produce motion. They transfer motion from one shaft to the next using some sort of connection, which is generally a gear, chain, or belt. They are frequently used in construction machinery, industrial automation, and material handling applications.

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