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ABB Innovates with Robotics

Meet YuMi, a robot designed and built by ABB to connect the innovation of human and robot collaboration with today’s industry needs.

Understanding the cumbersome nature of past assembly line robots led ABB to create a robot that would not only take up less space, but also lend itself to a more forward-thinking workplace that marries robotic precision and human interaction.

How YuMi works

At just over 83 lbs, YuMi is a lightweight robot that can be quickly installed along the production line. This human-sized robot is designed to work side by side with human assembly line workers, and to be taught by them as well.

ABB uses a programming technique called Lead-Through programming which allows a person to physically teach YuMi the process or task to be completed. This technique removes the need for programmers onsite as well as those lengthy training times.

It is also easy to assemble, which means you could have YuMi up and running in no time. This robot will not only work well on the assembly line, but will also provide data analysis that allows for process improvements and provides valuable information on the hardware in use.

Why YuMi is special

By attempting to connect to the Internet of Things, ABB has created a robot that will combine the intuition of humans on the assembly line with the data and efficiency that only a machine can provide.

ABB did away with the conventional ideas behind assembly line robots and instead developed a small parts assembly robot with dual arms, flexible hands, and control that is state-of-the-art.

Safety was their number one priority while designing YuMi and the result is a safe robotic solution that allows humans and robots to work side by side on the same tasks.

Innovation through fearlessness

So often companies fall behind out of fear of the new technology hitting the market. Why change something if it’s been working, right? Wrong! Not adapting to new technology simply allows your competitors to move ahead while you are left standing still.

ABB has embraced all of the fears that are associated with technological advancement and sought to answer each of them. They have eliminated the size component, the safety issues, and even the ease of use issues. ABB has created an innovative assembly line robot by eliminating the problems of robots from the past.

How a Robot can improve the reliability of your hardware

YuMi connects to the Internet of Things which allows it to connect to other pieces of equipment and use that data to provide analytics regarding performance.

This data along with information about the hardware and how it’s functioning will allow for process improvements and the handling of hardware issues before they become a problem.

YuMi creates peace of mind and ensures that your assembly line is functioning at its highest level of efficiency.

Let the assembly line work smarter, not harder

The use of data and analytics in the industrial environment has long been shoved to the side. Considered a place too harsh for sensitive computer equipment, many companies declined the innovations that were steadily creeping into the marketplace.

As the technology has continued to advance, companies like ABB are pushing it further so that robots like YuMi can provide companies the data they need to improve, while ensuring its compatibility in highly industrial environments. There’s no need to keep hammering away at the old way of doing things when adopting new technology means working smarter, not harder.