In the Aggregate industry, whether your company is a sand mine, an asphalt plant, in iron ore or concrete mixing, the majority of the applications are in a severe and corrosive environment. In these environments, it is not uncommon to have trouble getting the longevity you are looking for in your applications.

Kurz Industrial Solutions has an entire portfolio of severe and extreme duty motors and enhanced sealing options for your bearings and gear reducers. Some of Kurz’s top manufacturing name brands in the industry make products specifically for this industry and several of our manufacturers make crusher duty motors designed to provide a solution to these tough environments.

In addition, there are some added specifications that we provide in our motor and gearbox repairs. We often partner with our customers to help them write specifications for their repairs and for their new product specification in order to ensure they are getting the longest life possible in such extreme environments.

Check out our common brands and items stocked for the aggregate world.