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Baldor Electric: Paving the Road for Success

We do a lot of research. Your time is valuable, and you need the best product for your needs, without having to spend hours researching and comparing those products.

Kurz partners with Baldor Electric Company to supply great products to support any type of application our customers need. Get to know Baldor right here. Their electrical expertise makes them a standout company in today's busy marketplace.

Baldor's Industry Influence

The Baldor Electric Company started at the beginning of the roaring 1920s. Emil Doerr and Edwin Ballman were the masterminds of the company where they wanted to design, build and market their motors. The company thrived for many decades until they grew at a fever pitch in 2007.

By purchasing the Dodge and Reliance motor brands at the beginning of the new millennium, Baldor became a huge name in the motor business. From the manufacturing sector to wind turbines, Baldor's designs kept many industries operating through the good and tough times

Extending Out Through International Channels

Because Baldor diversified at the beginning of the millennium, investors took note of this fact. This moderately sized company was sold to a huge entity in 2011. It still remains as a United States company with millions of dollars going into motor research and development.

The influx of money from an international company meant that Baldor could expand and sell to almost anyone across the world. With those stakes, Baldor knew it must offer quality items to its clients.

Working with AC Motors

Baldor offers AC units as some of the best generators for power. They build a variety of AC designs, including:

·      Large induction motors

·      Large synchronous motors

·      AC Gearmotors

Kurz and Baldor understand that AC motors are the heart of many different types of equipment. They can produce on-demand energy, or it can be rerouted into a battery. For example, depending on a wind turbine's design, there might be converters involved to change the energy as needed.

Turbines are a specialty area of the motor industry, so Baldor caters to these unique needs.

Shifting wind speeds can make or break a motor, and Baldor's models prove that their strength can produce energy on a nearly endless basis.

Branching Out Into Associated Industries

Baldor manufactures many parts to keep up with demand. A major department within Baldor is the Dodge transmission parts division. Vehicle transmissions are incredibly complex, and Baldor machines the precision parts for smooth shifting.

Other parts include these items, such as:

·      Gear reducers

·      Servo motors

·      Polishing lathes

·      DC-motor alternatives

Baldor's expertise with machining is why Kurz can work seamlessly with them. Motors that must remain in reliable condition are possible with the quality assurances from this manufacturer.

The Road Ahead

Diversifying its portfolio is the beauty of Baldor's business strategy. They continue to improve upon their motors, bearings and other parts in various industries. Besides working in the wind industry, Baldor also serves these sectors, including:

·      Automotive

·      Domestic industrial

·      Manufacturing facilities

·      International manufacturing

At Kurz, we only want to work with the best products. Partnering with Baldor helps to make that possible.