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Brand Spotlight: Dodge

Kurz Industrial is proud to partner with some of the top brands in the industry to bring you happiness and satisfaction in the products that you buy. One standout company that Kurz partners with is Dodge. Dodge is a household name in the manufacturing industry for many reasons. The company stands out for its reliable products, safety, and integrity. Dodge is an industry leader in innovation, and its products regularly set standards for quality. 

Mission and Values 

Dodge is proud to be an industry leader when it comes to producing quality products for its customers. Customer satisfaction is a top priority for the company, which is reflected in the fact that its mission statement states that Dodge strives to be the “best,” as evaluated and ultimately determined by its customers. The company markets, manufacturers, and designs a range of products including electric motors, power transmission products, and generators. The company also states that customer safety is just as much of a priority as customer satisfaction. 

Product Lines 

Dodge's sophisticated product lines ensure that you will always find a quality product, no matter what your unique needs are. 

·      Mounted bearings

·      Couplings

·      Enclosed gearing

·      Conveyor components

·      Mechanical drive components

These categories further break down into distinct products. Within the category of mounted bearings, you will get mounted ball bearings, plain bearings, mounted taper roller bearings, and mounted spherical roller bearings. The category of couplings includes elastomeric couplings, metallic couplings, and mechanical soft starts. For those who are searching for enclosed gearing, you will find several high-quality products within this category, too. Dodge's comprehensive enclosed gearing category includes concentric and in-line reducers, shaft mounted reducers, right angle reducers, a vertical gearmotor, and parallel reducers. Another category of products that you can get is Conveyor Components. This line includes bushings and pulleys. Lastly, the final line of products available is called Mechanical Drive Components. Mechanical Drive Components include bushings, sheaves, belts, synchronous sprockets, and roller chain sprockets. You can also get a variety of accessories to complete your product. 

Heavy Duty Solutions

Sometimes, you need heavy duty solutions to get through your workday. There are multiple heavy duty solutions that you can choose from within Dodge's collection. One is the Motorized Torque Arm, which belongs to the award-winning category of torque arm reducers that the company offers. These products have patented engineering technology for superior performance. They extend in rating from 3 HP up to 100 HP. They have many great benefits, including reducing your guarding costs, minimizing assembly time, and reducing associated maintenance requirements. 

Ball Bearings 

If you are seeking quality ball bearings, Dodge's D-Lok system is your answer. These unique bearings provide improved concentricity and holding power. They have many unique features to help take on even your most complex tasks, including a flexible ball retainer made of high-strength material, a D-LOK lock, precision-hardened rings on the inside and outside and a wide inner ring with a normal-duty rating.  

Quality Products 

No matter which one of its unique products that you buy, rest assured that you can look forward to enjoying a quality product when you get any one of Dodge's products. All parts and accessories are proudly made in the US. They have special features that set them apart from the competition, including a uniform design that minimizes vibration, superior grip, power, and performance. Each product category contains products designed with the customer in mind. Many of the company's products are also one-of-a-kind.  

If you want to find out more information about Dodge and the innovative products it offers, ask the pros at Kurz Industrial today.