Converting refers to a process where a company is taking a flexible material such as paper and changing it into a finished product. Whether your business is an end user that performs this process, or an OEM who manufacturers equipment to be used for this process, there are many common requirements.

Kurz Industrial Solutions can provide application, technical and engineering support for product selection on common products used in this industry, such as AC motors, variable frequency drives, gearboxes, mounted ball bearings and other power transmission equipment. For example, in many instances, this equipment may come into your plant with IEC metric motors or European DIN rated gearboxes. Kurz can offer an audit of your installed machines and supply you with direct spares for this existing, non-standard equipment or provide you with an option to cross these over into a standard, stock NEMA type AC motor. Rely on the sales professionals at Kurz to ensure your electrical, mechanical and repair needs are covered today!