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Current event: Conveyor belt manufacturer invests millions in plant upgrades

Kurz Industrial frequently brings you all the latest and greatest news from the manufacturing industry. Today, Kurz shares the story of a conveyor belt manufacturer that went to great lengths to upgrade its plant and manufacturing facility. While it's not unheard of for a manufacturer to make significant upgrades, an upgrade to the tune of millions of dollars gets a company noticed. The company, which is called Chemprene LLC, is investing a whopping $14 million into improvements and upgrades at its New York-based manufacturing plant. 

About the Company 

The company behind this significant and industry-recognized upgrade is called Chemprene LLC. The company is part of the Ammega Group. Chemprene is a leading producer of rubber-coated textiles. It makes many kinds of precision-molded products, including coated fabrics, diaphragms, and rubber conveyor belting. The company's goal is to make the highest-quality rubber products available for customers in the industrial, commercial, and consumer markets around the world. Chemprene started more than 60 years ago with the intent of creating military-coated fabrics products. Initially, the original product range expanded to include automotive applications. It later added specialty diaphragm applications. Conveyor belting was the last addition to the company's product lineup, which happened in the mid-1960s. Today, the company continues to produce all three kinds of products. Its products are made in its primary facility, which is located in Beacon, NY. The facility covers 225,000 square feet, and it is now better than ever with all the latest improvements that the company has made. 

What are the Improvements? 

Chemprene LLC has dedicated millions of dollars towards improving its facility operations. The company now has the advantage of automating some of its processes, which saves time and ultimately improves production capacity. That, in turn, makes the company more efficient. It will be able to deliver a higher volume of goods to consumers in a faster time, which will also translate to higher levels of customer satisfaction. Production uptime is expected to increase, which will also boost manufacturing capacity. With its expanded production capability, the company also aims to work more closely with customers to meet their needs, which allows the company to diversify its product portfolio while improving customer satisfaction at the same time. 

Although it aims to become even better in several core areas, Chemprene certainly does not fall short in the areas of production and customer satisfaction. Since it began, the company has made more than 2,000 belts. It is the producer of a popular product called Ziplink, which is a versatile product used in many applications including wood processing, the automotive industry, tire production, food processing, and tobacco processing. Additionally, the company's coating fabrics and diaphragm are frequently used in a variety of industries including aerospace, electronics, energy, automotive, and defense. Regardless of the application, the company uses many polymer materials and fabrics such as polyester, cotton, and blends. Its polymer products include natural rubber, butyl, Teflon, FKM, SBR, and neoprene. 

What Benefits will the Upgrade Provide? 

The upgrade will provide Chemprene LLC with many benefits. For starters, the company aims to have a higher level of customer satisfaction and retention, which in turn will translate to stronger and more consistent sales over time. The upgrade will also modernize the company's New York facility to make it more efficient and productive. While Chemprene's upgrade is impressive, it is only the latest in a series of exciting announcements from Ammega Group, which is the parent company. Recently, the company opened a production plant in Buford, Georgia and expanded its manufacturing practices in Reading, Pennsylvania. 

To find out more about the exciting new improvements from Chemprene and other industry news, get in touch with the experts at Kurz Industrial today.