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If you want to learn how to install or remove your Dodge/ABB screw conveyor drive shaft, Kurz has you covered. Performing an installation or removal is easy by following several step-by-step instructions. These instructions apply to SCXT and TAII reducers. If you have ever had problems trying to remove the drive shaft from your Dodge/ABB screw conveyor reducers, the instructions below are perfect for you.


Dodge/ABB Screw Conveyor Drive Shaft Installation

Start with the drive shaft and key, which you can easily slide through the adapter lining. Make sure to line the key up with the key way to fully insert it. Secondly, move to the backside. Take the keeper and place the bolt on the lock washer, but keep the plate on the exterior. Thread the pull through, and then take a wrench of the correct size and tighten the bolt according to the torque values that are listed in the instruction manual.

Your screw conveyor drive shaft is now installed.


Dodge/ABB Screw Conveyor Drive Shaft Removal

Once you have learned how to install the screw conveyor drive shaft, the professionals at Kurz can also show you have to uninstall the drive shaft from an SD and HD reducer and adapter.

First, you will need to take off the retaining bolt. Next, you will need to reinstall the retaining bolt, approximately four to five frets deep. After that, take a mallet and gently tap the draft shaft. This will loosen it, and it can then be removed. Once you have loosened the draft shaft, it should be simple to remove. You may need to keep tapping several times to make sure that the draft shaft is adequately loosened.


Additional Instructions and Information

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While you are welcome to contact a representative with your questions, you can also find additional instructional videos and information on YouTube. You can also visit the Kurz website directly for more information on finding the parts and services that you require. Don’t hesitate to contact the expert staff for further details today.