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What does being an EASA Member mean for our customers?

The Symbol of Quality in Electromechanical Sales and Service, Here’s what it means to you!

EASA members belong to a worldwide network of more than 1,900 quality-driven companies that sell, service and repair electric motors, pumps, generators, drives, controls, transformers, hoists, power tools, and other industrial electromechanical equipment. EASA members can provide quality electrical and mechanical repair services that comply with ANSI/EASA Standard AR100 Recommended Practice to ensure reliable, energy-efficient performance.

EASA members are unquestionably the most technically advanced and well-informed sources for all of your electromechanical sales, service and repair needs. They receive a constant flow of technical information from EASA Headquarters and can readily access the expertise of EASA’s full-time engineering staff.

EASA members also avail themselves of specialized training programs and technical articles via the “Members Only” section of EASA’s Web site, and benefit from EASA’s technical seminars, Webinars, management programs, chapter meetings, annual convention and exhibition, and a host of other EASA services and publications.

In addition, EASA members distribute the products of major motor, drive, control, transformer, generator, tool and pump manufacturers, more than 130 of whom are EASA Associate members. Many of these manufacturers rely solely on EASA members to distribute their products and provide warranty repair service.

Quality products and services offered by EASA members include:

• AC & DC motor sales, repair/rewinding (including energy-efficient models)

• Motor system management services

• Pump sales, service and repair

• On-site predictive/preventive maintenance services

• AC and DC generator repair/rebuilding

• Specialty machine rewinding/rebuilding (servo, traction, hermetic, hoist, cryogenic, DC lift magnets)

• Transformer rewinding/rebuilding

• Portable electric tool sales and repair

• Welder sales and repair

• Electronic drive and control sales and repair

• Mechanical repair (general machine shop, hermetic and air compressors, rotor rebarring, metal spraying)

• Dynamic balancing, vibration analysis, alignment, thermography

• Switchgear service, custom panel fabrication

• Rebuilt/used electrical apparatus sales

• Warranty service/repair for motors, pumps, generators, and other electromechanical equipment

The Electro•Mechanical Authority

*Information provided by Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA)*