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Electronic Motor Evaluation

Biggest Pros: 

  • Minimize production losses
  • Decrease your operating costs
  • Increase profitability
  • Test online or offline
  • In a recent RPRI & GE study it was noted that motor failures consisted of 37% stator and 41% bearing failures

Kurz is the first electric motor repair service facility in Wisconsin to invest in the new MCEmax® from PdMA Corporation. MCEmax® integrates testing, diagnostics, inventory control, scheduling, and cost containment. The comprehensive tester monitors all potential fault zones and allows for immediate notification of alarming conditions. MCEmax® is the only testing and analysis tool on the market that combines static and dynamic testing. PdMA combined two separate technologies, MCE(static) and EMAX(dynamic), which enables MCEmax® to be utilized on all applications and motors regardless of size, type, or condition. This tester combines the accuracy of motor circuit analysis with the convenience of motor power analysis.

  • MCE: produces comprehensive evaluations of motor and circuit conditions in just a few minutes by analyzing motor fault zones for detection of electrical faults.
  • Emax: acquires information from the power signals traveling to and from the energized motor, can provide electrical and mechanical data through voltage and current measurement while testing and monitoring fault zones for vital information.

There are six fault zones in every AC motor (Power Quality, Power Circuit, Rotor, Stator, Air Gap, Insulation), issues associated with each fault zone may not be easily detectable.