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Flour Power Roller Mill Belts highlight

With its new flour mill belts, Timkin gives the term “flour power” a whole new meaning. Timkin's flour belts, now available at Kurz, are specially designed for optimal power, performance, and drive life. They are designed to keep your system running by operating around the clock – 24 hours per day, and seven days per week.

About Flour Power Belts

Flour Power belts from Timkin are designed to maximize performance and system efficiency while simultaneously reducing downtime and maintenance. Each system contains an efficient and durable belt that delivers predictable and reliable power transmission. The drive belts are generally dual-sided. They come in several styles. The most common variety is made with v-ribbed grooves on one side and high torque synchronous teeth on the other side. Some flour mill belts are also dual-sided synchronous belts, and they are also available as dual-sided v-ribbed belts.

Features and Advantages

Timkin flour mill belts are proudly made in the U.S. They are manufactured in ISO-certified facilities for satisfaction and quality assurance. The mills have a sturdy design that withstand abrasion, heat, and wear. They are also made for vibration-free performance, and they have great reliability ratings. Specifically, some of their most notable features are a high performance advanced polymer compound that extends belt life and graphite impregnated fabric facing, which translates to improved wear resistance. The belt teeth are jump and shear resistant, and the belts are made to deliver consistent and efficient power.

Markets and Applications

Timkin's belts are designed for the food processing industry. They are specifically designed for roller milling, which is a process that separates different parts of a grain kernel and processes it into a flour. The rollers move at different speeds, which in turn shears the material passing through the gap.


The flour belts come in several sizes to meet customers' precise needs for milling. Two common sizes available are 8M and 14M synchronous on one side, and either PVL or PVK on the other side. Customers can also order dual-sided v-ribbed belts and dual-sided synchronous belts. Along with the belts themselves, a number of parts are also available for a custom finish. Customers can also request specialty sizes based on their specific milling needs.

Regardless of size, the Flour Power belts are usually sold individually. However, most mills will use sets of two to three belts.

For more information on the Timkin Flour Power mills, contact the helpful staff at Kurz today.