Food Processing

Kurz Industrial Solutions has the knowledge, vast experience and product offering to address the special needs of the Food Processing Industry. We are also a member of the Midwest Food Processors Association, Inc. (MWFPA).

We represent and partner with manufacturers such as Baldor, Dodge, Leeson, Grove, WEG and Elektrim, all of which have a broad offering of quality and reliable epoxy coated and stainless steel products that stand up to the rigors of frequent clean up and high pressure wash downs that are required to maintain proper sanitary conditions. The washdown duty features and integrity of the products we offer greatly reduce deterioration, contamination, and failure, thereby saving you money and increasing your productivity.

Not only does Kurz Industrial Solutions offer the stock washdown duty products to keep your downtime to the barest minimum, but we also offer SOLUTIONS for the most demanding Food Industry applications and environments. Often times that solution does not come out of a box and a stock product will have to be modified or a product will have to be customized to address specific issues that arise in certain Food Industry environments and applications. Kurz Industrial Solutions has the in house product specialists, partnerships and knowledgeable staff to tackle those exceptional Food Industry issues. Check out our common brands and items stocked for the food processing world.