At Kurz Industrial Solutions, we have a tremendous amount of experience in many different industries. When it comes to industrial applications, regardless of industry, we see a common thread. Down time means lost production, which also means lost money for your company. That is why we have a sales and service team committed to excellent customer service, providing technical support, and getting you back up and running in a timely fashion.

At industrial plants, Kurz often does installed base evaluations to help you determine which motors, variable frequency drives and controls, gearboxes, bearings and other power transmission components are critical to your operation.  We will then identify which are standard stock products and which are custom design with long lead times. We recognize that there are only so many dollars that you can inventory, so we partner with you to determine which products are most needed and which are typically stocked at one of our manufacturer’s locations or at Kurz. The intent is to maximize your up-time and to help you determine how to best support the needs of the plant in the most cost efficient way possible.