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Kurz: Your Go-To Electric Motor Repair Shop

Electric motors help run the world. From powering a commuting vehicle to supporting a wind turbine, these motors give life to many of the world’s most important machines. At Kurz Industrial Solutions, we pride ourselves on 100 years of service to the motor drive world. Our repair shop can support your motor needs when maintenance or repair is necessary. Every motor requires some TLC, and we have just the team to do it.

Big or Small Repairs

Some service shops focus on a niche when it comes to engine motor repair. They work on either small or large motors, but not both types. Our operations are different at the Kurz shop. We pride ourselves on servicing both the large and small motors.

Give us a 1/2hp single-phase motor or a full-throttle 10,000hp device. We put our efforts into both types without fail. Our state of the art facility gives us the space and tooling necessary to service these components. Try our shop for nearly any of your engine motor needs. We can fix most brands with in-stock inventory.

Weighing Replacement Versus Repairs

During a repair service, our technicians take a hard look at the parts in question. The majority of motors entering our facility just need basic adjustments. Cleaning the items is always part of the service too.

In certain cases, a motor may be excessively damaged. The technicians must weigh the benefits of either replacing the parts or selling the customer a new motor. All of these decisions are entirely transparent during the repair service. We’re pleased to give you a cost breakdown of every item versus the replacement charge. You make the final decision based on your business needs.

Complying With Tight Tolerances

An electric motor repair professional knows that these components aren’t designed for recreational fun. They perform important jobs, including turbine applications. The Kurz team always adheres to the strictest tolerances.

Consider the precision work that we perform every day, such as:

  • Verifying vibration tolerances
  • Completing Vacuum Pressure Impregnation or VPI
  • Checking dynamic balancing
  • Applying Class-N insulation

Because our electric motor repair shop pays careful attention to tight tolerances, our quality assurance is practically perfect as each device leaves the facility. Noisy or shaky motors won’t be received from our repair services.

Warranty Work With Top Manufacturers

Our service center strives for perfection with each repair. We can’t achieve quality service, however, without a partnership with top manufacturers. When you work with Kurz, you receive service from technicians who have qualifications from the experts.

We align ourselves with these brands, including:

  • Toshiba
  • Marathon
  • Baldor
  • Elektrim
  • Siemens
  • Leeson
  • WEG

Our electric motor repair shop adheres to the rules set forth by the manufacturers. Ideally, a repaired motor should look and feel as if it’s brand new. We strive for this excellence every day.

Ask about our latest training from the top manufacturers. Our team is constantly updating their education.

Intricate Board Repairs

Printed circuit boards or PCBs are the brain of your electric motor. Tiny components set on a circuit-filled board tell the motor what to do at any given time. Most repair shops simply swap out the board if there’s a problem, but Kurz is different.

PCBs are expensive to replace so we look for repair options. Repairing a short circuit or switching out a bad transistor is possible on these motor boards. The process saves you money in most cases. Enjoy repairs from professionals who understand the complex schematics.

Contact Kurz for your motor coupling repair needs today. Our staff is highly qualified to keep your machines running strong. Trust in our expertise to improve your productivity levels today.