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Learning About Today's Industrial Gear Units

A gear unit converts energy from the rotating blades and allows it to safely enter the generator. High-quality units, such as the M Series from SEW Eurodrive, come with several features that should be highlighted before a major investment.

Flexibility with Application

M Series units from SEW Eurodrive don't come as a fixed product. It's up to the end user to specify the application and finer details. Each gear unit can be customized to your turbine's strict parameters, such as choosing horizontal or vertical shafts. The M series is great for applications like conveyor systems used in building material, food, chemical and feed industries, and steel and environmental industries, and anything material handling applications. 

The gear unit must be in a particular orientation in order to transfer power in an effective manner. In fact, SEW Eurodrive created nine sizes of the M Series alone. They want your installation to work with one of these units because the torque values will make a difference in energy production.

Thermal and Torque Specifications

A concern many have involves torque and thermal limitations.

M Series gear units come with various torques that range from 53,000 to 1.6 million pound-inch values. Simply specify the loads that your installation will encounter. Every gear unit has high-thermal ratings too. Heat shouldn't be a concern unless a catastrophic scenario plays out, such as a fire outbreak. SEW Eurodrive strives to design gear units that work in the harshest environments.

Maintenance Ease

Easy maintenance is always a must. SEW Eurodrive's M Series comes with a split-case design. In essence, technicians can pop open the housing, service the parts and close it back up.

Most gear units depend on lubrication and oil changes throughout the year. Their operational time is what determines the service schedule. Making it easy to access the gears is part of the ingenious design within the M Series. Technicians can finish up their tasks in no time.

Choosing Gear Stages

The M Series comes in 3-, 4- or 5-gear stages. Selecting the type that works for your application is dependent upon dozens of factors. If you need help, our team is here to walk you through your options. 

The gear stages will alter the torque levels in your system so that the energy is efficiently transferred. A common goal across industries is reducing energy loss. The components involved with each transfer section contribute to either losses or gains. Select the proper gear stage so that you get the best efficacy in the industry.

Following Mounting Instructions

Industrial gear units cannot rest on a shaky foundation. These components are mechanical and rotational by nature. SEW Eurodrive suggests that every unit should be connected to a sturdy foundation. Steel frames are adequate, but caution must be practiced if vibrations or oscillations occur.

Constant shaking will limit the gears' efficacy as the rotor blades rotate. You'll see more breakdowns too. Our team at Kurz can help you make the most out of your installation. Foundations and specifications can be simplified with a meeting of the minds.

Our hardworking team is one of only two Premium Value Partners with SEW Eurodrive today. For any questions about your industrial gear unit, reach out to our team today.