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Lubricants are found just about everywhere that you look. From food to medicine, they are important additions to many products, and they are widely used across many different industries. At Lubriplate Lubricants, you can find lubricants made for a wide range of industrial uses. Kurz Industrial Solutions is a proud distributor of Lubriplate products and can provide you with the lubrication products that you require for all your applications.


About Lubriplate Lubricants

Lubriplate has been in the business of producing lubricants for more than 150 years. Initially, the company started out under the name of Fiske Brothers Refining Co. after it was incorporated in 1890. The company then become Lubriplate Corporation in 1937. The name has continued with the company since then, but it has expanded its product line to serve a wider consumer base and offer lubrication solutions to even more industries.

Today, the company creates products for many industries, including high-quality food grade, petroleum-based, and synthetic lubricants. Lubriplate serves consumers in many diverse fields, including niche markets. If you don’t know what kind of lubricant you need, Lubriplate’s specialists will perform a survey or analysis for your plant or business to help you find the right match.


Industries Served

Lubriplate Lubricants serves the following industries:


  • Food
  • Aggregate
  • Mining
  • Pulp and paper products
  • Foundry
  • Medicine and pharmaceutical
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Automotive
  • Recreation


Lubriplate’s lubricants made for the food industry are designed with food safety in mind. They are ideal for H-1 food grade applications as well.

Along with commercial and industrial products, Lubriplate creates lubrication solutions for household products as well. Specialty lubricants are also available for customers who require unique solutions, including lubricant for air tools such as impact wrenches, reamers, drills, and air motors. A line of environmentally-conscious lubricants is also available for companies that must adhere to stringent environmental compliance standards.

No matter what industry you use them for, Lubriplate’s products are intended to provide cost-effective solutions and advantages, including lubricant inventory consolidation. Extended lubrication intervals, reduced downtime, and increased productivity are other benefits.


Complimentary Services

For quality assurance and to ensure that you are confident with your selection, all products are backed by Lubriplate’s complimentary ESP Extra Services Package, which includes complete plant lubrication surveys, color-coded lubrication charts with matching machinery tags, and follow-up lubrication analysis. The company’s comprehensive complimentary services are designed to maximize value for your brand while reducing downtime and making your operations as productive as possible.


For More Information and Assistance

If you have questions about your Lubriplate products, it’s simple to contact a representative at Kurz for assistance. You can also call the technical support hotline for Lubriplate at (800) 733 4755, send an email to LubeXpert@lubriplate.com, or visit the company’s website.