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Mounted Bearings: Better Removal Options

Mounted bearings are hard enough to get on, let alone remove.

Many times mounted bearings get installed with the thought that they will need to be either cut off the shaft or by cutting the entire shaft off. This causes a lot of downtimes and creates unnecessary work. Remember- in this day, time IS money. If well spent, time can be your best friend or can be your worst enemy for a business.

Baldor/Dodge produces a product known as the “IMPERIAL” mounted bearing. It comes in 2 and 4 bolt pillow block, 4 bolt flange block, flange cartridge, and wide slot take up unit. It is interchangeable to most common series of tapered roller or spherical bearings. This style of bearing eliminates set screw mounting directly onto the shaft by utilizing a 360-degree clamping collar that grips the shaft the full length of the bearing bore. The clamping collar is independent of the inner ring of the bearing, so it allows for use of standard commercial tolerance shafting. The Dodge “IMPERIAL” series of bearings have independent seals so the insert follows the ring of the bearing and allows for sealing even in minimal miss-aligned applications.

The best advantage of the “IMPERIAL” bearing is that is also, for the most part, removable once installed (if installed correctly).

Kurz Industrial can be your ally to help customers save time and money. With our demo kit, we can come to your facility and train or confirm that this product is being installed properly. We can also show you how the use of this style of bearing can be a time saver during installation is that it is a one-piece bearing compared to many that are multiple pieces being installed with feeler gauges and additional tools not necessary with the Dodge “IMPERIAL” bearings.

Give us a call or fill out a quote! We would be happy to set something up, either at your facility or at one of our Kurz locations. 1-800-776-3629