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New Product Spotlight: SIMOTICS SD200

Kurz Industrial is excited to share the release of a new product from Siemens called the SIMOTICS SD200. The SIMOTICS is a severe-duty motor that made its debut at the annual EASA Convention and Solutions Expo that was held in Fort Worth, Texas. The severe-duty motor is the latest addition to the lineup of SIMOTICS low-voltage motor series. The motor comes in a frame size 440 and is made to provide consumers with a new option for a hardy motor that can withstand harsh environments without breaking down.

About the SIMOTICS SD200

The SD200 is made of cast iron and stainless steel for durability and reliability. The SD200's cast iron components include the end-shields, frame, and fan guard. The terminal box is also made of cast iron. The nameplates are made of stainless steel, and the motor is finished with a special coating of protective paint. It is an energy-efficient motor that operates in multiple torque ranges. Siemens SD200 motors are all designed to meet industry specifications established by NEMA. Specifically, they will meet or exceed NEMA's premium table efficiencies in the range of Table 12-12. They are used to power a variety of common appliances and equipment such as winders, compressors, hoists, fans, and pumps. You can also get a variety of accessories and add-on items to enhance the SD200's performance, including brakes, encoders, blowers, and IP56 ingress protection.


The SIMOTICS SD200 is comprised of many quality components. The motor contains a fan guard that is easily accessible and a durable frame with protective end-shields. The SD200 also includes various hardware pieces finished with zinc for premium durability. Nameplates on the motor are made of stainless steel, which provides them with an attractive finish and holds up well in the field. The motor also has an offset rotor bar for maximum efficiency. The rotor bar's design is unique to the SD200, as most other motors have a longer bar with complimentary end rings that produce unnecessary resistance. The rotor bar and end rings on the SD200, on the other hand, are designed to be smaller so that they don't generate any additional resistance. The motor also includes a rotor assembly that is made of die-cast aluminum. The rotor assembly is well balanced for a longer bearing life, and it comes with a high-strength carbon steel shaft that maximizes motor performance. Other parts on the motor include steel laminations made of C5-grade steel and copper magnet wiring. The SD200 motor also comes with premium NEMA-approved insulation. The motor is specifically made with Class B temperature rise with an extended thermal life. This hardy insulation meets or exceeds NEMA classifications, which makes the SD200 suited for variable drive speeds in variable and constant torque. For quality assurance and customer satisfaction, the windings in the motor are also tested for Corona Inception Voltage.

Safety Features

While the SD200 motor is designed with durable parts for performance, it is also made with safety in mind. The motor is configured with some of the top safety components in the class, including a number of safety aids that competitors don't offer. The motor includes H-Class conformity, which offers premium winding protection, and it contains swivel hooks rather then eye hooks for safer and more predictable operation.

Efficiency and Flexibility

The motor is also made with special composite insulation that improves its efficiency while saving money at the same time. The motor can change from an F1 to an F2 or an F3 orientation seamlessly, which makes it a great choice for operators who demand flexibility in the field.

To find out more about the new SIMOTICS SD200 and its advantages, ask the experts at Kurz Industrial for more details today.