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On-Site Fan Balancing

Did you know around half of rotating equipment failures comes from a misaligned or unbalanced condition?

Fan Balancing is one of the many on-site services that Kurz Industrial Solutions offers. The goal of on-site balancing is to reduce your manufacturing downtime by eliminating the need to disassemble your equipment and transport the fan or impeller.

An increase in production requirements and material build-up from daily use on the impeller are the main causes of fan balancing issues. Leaving the fan unattended with no maintenance will cause vibration that is harmful to the rest of the structure. Vibration from the fan may cause bearings, shafts, or support structures to fail earlier than intended. When failures occur production stops causing costly outages. Kurz Industrial Solutions provided maximum stability and fan efficiency.

Fan imbalance can be detected by using vibration analysis. Fan imbalance is usually corrected by adding weights to a blade or blades.  Weights are generally welded on to a blade or bolts can be added by drilling through the blade to ensure weights don’t come off.

A balanced fan will

  1. Allow equipment to operate more efficiently
  2. Put less stress on the equipment structure
  3. Increase the life of your bearings
  4. Be less noisy

Fan imbalance can be caused by

  1. Wear on fan blades due to abrasives
  2. The buildup of dirt or stock on the blades
  3. Loose hub to shaft fits
  4. Temperature differentials in the fan housing or on the shaft
  5. Loss of a balancing weight

If a fan assembly is vibrating, it’s not always due to an imbalance in the fan.  Bearing defects, structural looseness, bent shaft, misalignment, belt wear or even turbulent air can cause vibration. Reach out to us today if you’d like to set up your next service with us.