Paper & Packaging

Kurz Industrial Solutions has been privileged to work with the paper industry for over 90 years. Established in Wisconsin in 1918, Kurz has developed an exceptional understanding of the challenging applications of the Paper and Pulp Industry.

Kurz has aligned itself with the very best manufacturers that also have an extensive understanding of Paper and Pulp. Below is a list of the manufacturers that Kurz has partnered with to develop solutions in the Paper and Pulp Sector:

Kurz has Specialists in the areas of Power Transmission, Electric Motors, Drives & Controls, and Repair & Repair Services that can work with your staff to eliminate issues you may have in the pulp, wet, dry, utilities, and converting areas of the paper industry.

The following are just a few ways in which we have developed partnerships with area paper industries on trying to resolve issues that they may have:

  • Tachometer & Encoder evaluation and applications (Avtron-Nidec) for improved DC Motor Repairs.
  • DC brush evaluation and application (Mersen) for longer life on your DC Motor.
  • Reducer & gearbox identification, selection, and repair of older and newer gearboxes.
  • Development of Kurz Repair Specifications pertaining to Paper & Pulp motors and reducers.
  • Implementation of PdMA Baseline Electrical Testing of motors both on and offline.

Kurz and our manufacturers look forward to working with you on issues you may have. Contact your local Kurz Representative today here or at 920-886-8200.

Kurz and our manufacturerslook forward to enhancing and developing our “partnership in paper!”