Whether you are a business extruding plastic or making machines that produce plastic bags, you are part of a large manufacturing industry. At Kurz Industrial Solutions, it is our experience that there are a lot of DC motors and drives at the end user level. With the increased capability of AC drives, there has been a shift more toward AC motors and drives in recent years, but we still see a lot of DC motors and drives in the industry.

With respect to DC motors, they can be a very expensive piece of equipment to maintain between commutator maintenance and brush wear. Therefore, one of the ways that we have supplied value to our customers in the plastics industry is to provide engineering support to help you convert your DC motor and drive application into an AC drive motor and drive application. In addition to this, our predictive maintenance services have been extremely beneficial to our customers in this industry because of the amount of DC motors they have in plant and the expense that is tied to these motors.