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Siemens Motors: Moving You Toward Everyday Successes

When a motor goes down, your entire operation suffers the consequences. From manufacturing processes to turbine efficiency, motors are critical parts to the overall system. You need a motor to trust in each day. That's where Siemens comes into the spotlight. At Kurz, we're proud to sell and support Siemens motors to various industries. Learn more about this top manufacturer - their designs can make a difference in your productivity.

High-Voltage Needs

Your motor needs might extend to high-voltage products. These parts are extremely powerful, and Siemens relies on tight specifications to make every motor a success in the field. Every high-voltage motor has a unique design for a particular application, from powering a fan to supporting a compressor.

Siemens understands that high voltage is volatile. For this reason, each motor is carefully tested with the toughest housings surrounding the parts. Go ahead and challenge Siemens with an application. They'll pull out a motor for that need in no time at all.

Explosion-Proof Options

Do you have hazardous conditions at your facility? There might be vapors or dust hovering around your machinery. Any spark from a motor may ignite an entire area. For these locations, Siemens introduces their explosion-proof motors.

They're specially designed to operate at peak efficiency, but without a sparking hazard. Each motor can be customized to your specifications. Siemens thrives on unique applications that make them stand out from the rest. Protecting your facility with quality motors is their job.

Induction Motors

You may appreciate the reliability found within synchronous motors, but look further to induction or asynchronous designs. Their difference is in the internal mechanisms. There are no brushes that can break down. Pure, magnetic energy drives these motors. With few internal parts, the motors have a better chance at lasting longer than other designs.

Siemens and Kurz work together to provide induction motors for fans, pumps and other items. Simply apply the right voltage to the motor. You might see your facility's productivity rise almost exponentially.

Custom Selections

At times, your applications are so unique that a custom motor is necessary. Siemens understands these needs, which leads to custom options with a top manufacturer. Choose from AC or DC motors, and Siemens will find a custom solution for you. There's no application that's too big or small. They can find a voltage and current combination that works.

Give them every detail that you have about the application. Siemens takes care of countless industries because they've been motor experts for over 100 years.

Servo Applications

When it comes to small motors, Siemens has perfected the market. Look for servo motors to fulfill these needs, including:

·      Precision horizontal-and-vertical motions

·      Accurate angle checks

Servo motors come in all shapes and sizes. Challenge Siemens with your necessary dimensions. Watch a large machine move with the precision of a surgeon's hand. The proper combination of power, windings and gears will make short work of any precision movements. Siemens motors surpass your expectations on several levels. Kurz follows in these footsteps with quality service and support.

The Siemens Partnership

Discover your one-stop shop for everything Siemens when you visit a Kurz facility. We're authorized by Siemens as a service and warranty center. In fact, we were one of the top distributors in 2015 for Siemens alone.

If you have a concern about an installed motor, our staff can analyze the situation. Our close partnership with Siemens means that we have the inside knowledge to solve any dilemma. When there's a possible warranty involved, we work with Siemens to get you the best deal. Treating customers right is part of our collective commitment to you.

Motor technology continues to improve, and we're driven to succeed along with Siemens. Keep your machinery running with reliable motors from our stock. We share in your success - reach out to our team today.