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Solutions for original equipment manufacturers

As the world market expands, it has become increasingly important the motor manufacturers offer products that meet those requirements and applications.

Kurz Industrial Solutions has partnered with Elektrim®Motors, a European designed and engineered motor, to address the challenges presented by Original Equipment Manufacturers. Elektrim®has been doing so for more than 40 years.

The 20N and 60N Elektrim®models are designed with service factors up to 1.40. This design offers stock motors with unsurpassed voltage flexibility. See more here: Elektrim®Motors Voltage Flexibility.

Not only does the Elektrim®motor design offer this capability but, if the motor is available in stock, the lead time is only ONE business day to ship. No lengthy delays for engineering review and approval.

Elektrim has also introduced their 60N premium efficient severe duty series. This series is also designed with service factors up to 1.40 and offers solutions for the harsh environments such as petrochemical plants, refineries, mines, foundries and pulp, and paper mills.

Please visit www.elektrimmotors.com for more information and stock solutions from Elektrim®Motors and Kurz Industrial Solutions.