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Toshiba International Corporation Announces the New Low & Medium Voltage 587 Frame Motors

Toshiba International Corporation recently introduced two new voltage frame motors. One is a low voltage motor, and the other is a medium voltage motor. You can find both motors at Kurz, which is proud to announce the arrival of these latest products from Toshiba International Corporation. Both motors have high starting torques. They are also constructed with high-strength steel shafts that are specially designed to hold up to harsh environments. The motors are also made with oversized bearings. Both motors are made with performance, efficiency, and optimal reliability in mind, and they are designed to withstand use in the toughest applications.

Low Voltage Motors

One low voltage motor that Toshiba produces is called the Quarry Duty 587. This motor has several highlights, including a terminal box with two three-inch NPT conduit openings, a multi-mount terminal box design with a simple F1, F2, or F3 field conversion, an auxiliary terminal box provision, vertical jacking and dowel provisions with four-position dowel holes and vertical jacking. The Quarry Duty motor has a high starting torque, and it has several components that allow it to withstand harsh environments, including an enclosed fan-cooled design, high-strength steel shafts, and oversize superior-grade bearings.

Features and Specs

In general, the low voltage motors from Toshiba have improved versatility. They have a wide range of power output from 250 HP to 750 HP. They have a high starting torque, and they are IP55-Rated for quality assurance. They are made of a sturdy cast-iron frame, and they have equally durable bearing brackets. The motors also have multiple mounting capabilities.

The bearings on the motors are oversized 300-Series Roller Bearings. The motors also have bearing lock nuts for vertical shaft mounting. With the motors comes low-loss electrical steel insulation. The low voltage motors also have coil bracing and phase paper on DE and ODE, and they are designed with optimal quality in mind by exceeding applicable NEMA MG1 Part 31 Requirements.

Optional features for Toshiba's low voltage motors include C and D flanges, drip covers, insulated bearings, thermal protection, shaft grounding devices, tropicalized winding varnish, and fungus-proof protective coating.

Industries and Applications

Toshiba's motors are used in multiple industries, including aggregate and cement, mining, and minerals. Applications include conveyors, crushers, compressors, mills, rotary kilns, and centrifuges.

Medium Voltage 587 Motors

Toshiba's medium-voltage motors are called High Torque 587 TEFC. They are designed for high torque and severe duty applications. Toshiba's motors have several functional features that make them more tolerant of extreme operating conditions, including a compact footprint, high-starting torques, and enclosed fan-cooled design.


The medium-voltage motors range in power output from 200 HP to 750 HP. They have a speed to turn down ratio of 1,800 RPM/4:1 CT. They have a totally enclosed fan cooled design, and they have either a dual-mount or a quad-mount frame size. For insulation, the medium-voltage motors have Class F inverter duty ratings that meet applicable NEMA requirements. Their torque class is Design C.

Available Features and Accessories

A number of optional features are available with the Toshiba motors at Kurz. Optional items include tropicalized windings, epoxy coated aluminum fans, roller bearings with belt-duty shafts, shaft grounding devices, vibration sensors, thermal protection, labyrinth or taconite seals, fungus-proof protective coating, and NEMA Type II boxes. Space heaters, Stator RTDs, and bearing RTD provisions are available accessories.

Industries and Applications

The medium-voltage motors from Toshiba are made for use in many industries, including oil and gas, paper and pulp, chemical, mining and minerals, and cement and aggregate. Their applications include crushers, conveyors, mills, pumps, and fans.

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