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WEG: Motors, Drives, and Gearboxes

Helping people reach their goals by living the values of the company is a passion shared by everyone at WEG. WEG is committed to creating quality products and efficient solutions. To achieve this there is continuous investment in innovation and teamwork.

WEG has products for applications in many industries including: energy, farming, agricultural, marine, mining, oil and gas, marine, steel, chemical, sugar, pulp and paper, water and wastewater treatment.Kurz Industrial Solutions is a proud authorized distributor of WEG Products! Kurz offers WEG’s full product line:

·      AC Motors (NEMA & IEC)

·      Induction Motors

·      Electronically Commutated (Emerald NEMA & WECM IEC)

·      DC Motors (Large & Fractional)

·      Gearboxes

·      Generators

·      Synchronous Motors

·      Drives

·      Controls

·      Industrial Automation

·      Geared Motors

·      Wind Technology

·      Transformers

·      Electric Panels

·      Any Spare Parts

Three-Phase High & Low Voltage motors are kept in stock at each of our three locations, Neenah, Eau Claire, and New Berlin. All WEG products are accessible through Kurz Industrial Solutions!

W22 IEEE-841 NEMA Premium Efficiency Motors

WEG's W22 NEMA Premium motors meet or exceed all NEMA Premium® requirements for energy efficiency, allowing you to get the most production value out of the motor. Extreme environments where standard motors would fail quickly are especially suited for WEG IEEE 841 W22 NEMA Premium Efficiency motors. Industries that use motors in extreme environments are typically Pulp and Paper Mills, Petrochemical, Steel Mills, Aggregate Industries, etc. WEG IEEE 841 motors come with an extended 60-month warranty. Some Standard Features include:

·      Three-phase 2, 4, 6 or 8 pole, 60Hz & 50Hz

·      Voltage: 230V, 460V & 575V (3 wire)

·      Degree of protection: IP55

·      Class ‘F’ Insulation (‘B’ Temperature Rise)

·      40°C Ambient

·      Service Factor:

·      25 - up to 100 HP

·      15 – 125HP and up

·      Oversized rotatable cast iron conduit box

·      1045 heat treated and stress relieved carbon steel shaft up to 365T.

Some Optional Features Include:

·      Special Voltages

·      Specially designed shaft

·      Cable glands

·      Flange mount

·      F3 mounting

There are many more Standard and Optional features offered, see them all here!

WEG Drives

WEG offers Brazilian designed and US market supported drives. They have a whole family of drives consisting of nine different series! Each series is designed for better function with certain types of applications. Here are a few of the most popular options!

CFW11 Series

This series is WEG’s go-to solution for low-voltage drives. These drives are very versatile, the rating is split between Normal Duty (Variable Torque) and Heavy duty (Constant Torque).

Normal Duty is 150% for 3 seconds every 10 minutes or 110% for 60 seconds every 10 minutes.

In Heavy duty mode (CT) rated is 150% for 60 seconds every 10 minutes or 200% for 3 seconds every 10 minutes. When in Heavy Duty mode the drive is compatible with 1.5-1000 HP motors. CFW11 series has many other options that are customizable to your specific application.

CFW700 Series

This series is geared towards universal applications but is designed to work best with fan or pump applications that have variable torque loads. With dual DC BUS chokes built in an AC line reactor is not always needed.

CFW701 Series

The CFW701 series lends itself to industries that utilize HVAC and refrigeration systems. 4 programmable isolated open collector outputs, and 2 non-isolated programmable analog outputs. If you have HVAC needs, this might just be the drive for you.

CFW8 Series

This is WEG’s only washdown rated VFD which makes it perfect for food, beverage, or pharmaceutical industries. The temperature ratings for these drives are great for hot or cold extremes, rated from 14°-122°.

EDP11 Series

WEG offers a fully engineered drive panel. The EDP11 series has two enclosure types, NEMA12 or NEMA3R, making it the complete package for multiple styles of applications. The drive panel can be fitted with/without a three-contactor bypass making any WEG drive an option if the VFD is down or being serviced. 

Geared Motors

WG20 Geared Motors

The first geared motor range to be completely developed in-house at WEG is the WG20 line. These two-stage units have a large ratio range allowing them to flexibly adapt to applications. Thanks to the sophisticated design these motors are incredibly efficient. High strength to weight aluminum housings of WG20 geared units provide a highly versatile and reliable product. Comprised of helical, parallel shaft, and helical bevel gear units with torques between 50 and 4500 Nm, WG20 geared motors provide a wide range of possible applications. WG20 Geared Motors options, depending on motor, are offered with:

·      2 to 3 stages

·      12 - 30 kW of power

·      50 - 4500 of torque

·      44 – 487.67 ratio

·      Helical geared (C)

·      Parallel shaft (F)

·      Helical bevel (K)

MAS Geared Motors

WEG geared motor components are 100% vertically integrated. The latest plant, machinery, and quality management system is certified to ISO 9001. This certification maximizes customer benefits by delivering high flexibility, extreme precision, and outstanding reliability. WEG has earned itself a reputation for distributing essentially indestructible geared motors. MAS Geared Motors options, depending on motor, are offered with:

·      12 - 90 kW of power

·      17 - 20,000 Nm of torque

·      3 - 18,800 ratio

·      Parallel shaft

·      Helical bevel

·      Helical worm

·      Worm


Input Shaft

Gear designs with an input shaft unit make it possible to operate the MAS gearboxes via added drive elements such as couplings, belt or chains. An economical solution if the input motor cannot be assembled directly next to the gear unit is a WEG gearbox.

Motor Adapters

Thanks to their structural design, parallel shaft gear units are particularly suitable for conveyor technology applications. All four sizes can be fitted with either a hollow shaft, output shaft, mounting flange or shrink disc. The ratio range of gear unit sizes F04 and F05 can be extended by a third gear stage.

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