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What you should know about the Dodge torque-arm speed reducers

Dodge torque-arm speed reducers are just one of the latest and most impressive items that you will find at Kurz Industrial. Torque-arm speed reducers, which are proudly made by ABB, continue to set standards in the industry today. They have been made with pride for more than 60 years, and they continue to be the benchmark to which other products are routinely compared.

What is the Torque-Arm Reducer?

The torque-arm reducer is a gear reducer with a helical shape. It mounts directly to the drive shaft and has many accessories available to enhance its performance and shelf life. The torque-arm reducer from ABB comes with many standard features. It is suitable for many different environments and has a broad range of applications.

Key Features

The reducer from ABB has many standout features. It comes in 14 unique sizes that provide up to 700 HP in power. The reducer also has considerable torque ratings that can reach up to 1,000,000 in LB-IN. The reducer is also available in four ratios with v-belt drives that extends its range up to 300:1. You will find many notable features on the product, including harsh-duty seals that are compatible with synthetic lubricants and mineral lubricants. The reducer also has heavy-duty backstops, and it has tapered bushings that allow for easy mounting. A steel motor mount system is another convenience. Additionally, it has Class 30 cast iron housings that have pry slots. The arm-reducer is designed with innovation in mind, but it is also built to adhere to AGMA standards.

Industries Served

ABB's arm reducer is used in many industries, including:

·      Asphalt

·      Aggregates

·      Cement

·      Mining

·      Grain

·      Mixing and Milling

·      Ethanol

·      Oil and Gas

·      Water and Wastewater

·      Forest Products

·      Unit and Baggage Handling

Common Applications

In addition to being used in many industries, the arm reducer is also used in many common applications, which include:

·      Apron feeder

·      Belt conveyor

·      Bucket conveyor

·      Drag conveyor

·      Screw conveyor

·      Roller bed

·      Ribbon mixer

·      Vibratory feeder


Housing for the reducer is made with Class 30 gray iron that is designed to resist corrosion. The housings are doweled and precision-machined to make sure that all gear sets have accurate alignment.


The gearing in the arm reducer includes gearing of a helical design. It is precision finished and case carburized for satisfaction and durability. This construction also includes a resilient tooth core that helps the product resist impact and have an optimal service life. The gears are supported in between the bearings to make sure that the gear meshes are properly aligned. This layout also helps to maximize the load that the product can carry, and it reduces overhung loads on the bearings.


The bearings on the reducer are either tapered or a ball roller variety. They have an average minimum life of 25,000 hours, and they are made to meet L-10 AGMA Class One standards.


The sealings on the arm reducer are spring-loaded. They are also made of durable nitrile rubber, or a material called HNBR.


The mounting is another important component of the ABB arm-reducer. It is made of durable ductile iron, which is fully split into a two-bushing system. The reducer can also be removed by putting jack screw holes into the bushing flanges. This makes it possible to mechanically remove the mounting's tapered assembly.

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