Kurz Brands: Grove Gear

Grove Gear is a leader of industrial-strength gear motors and gear reducers. Grove's ratio multipliers and worm speed reducers are standout products in the industry for performance, minimal downtime, and competitive pricing. They are used in many applications including paper and pulp, material handling, and a variety of industries that emphasize dependability and quality.

If you're wondering what products Grove Gear offers, the list includes:

• Electric motors
• AC drives and controls
• Bearings
• Blowers
• Conveyor technology
• Couplings
• Electronic components
• Gearing
• Generators
• Mechanical power transmission components
• Switchgear

Grove is one of the world's leading producers of electric motors in both quantity and quality. These motors, which you can find at Kurz, are produced in several designs including fractional, HVAC, and medium voltage AC and DC. Electric motors are made with both NEMA and IEC-compliant enclosures. They have radial and axial flux designs with integrated controls that have optimal performance. Additionally, you can purchase “Mission Critical” motors that are intended for use in many unique industry settings including fans, pumping, HVAC, and more. AC drives and controls are also made according to NEMA and IEC guidelines. They include low and medium voltage AC drives and voltage starters. Bearings are produced in unmounted and mounted bearings. They are mounted in flange, pillow block, and cartridge housing, and they are made in assorted styles such as spheres, balls, and tapered rolling elements. High-efficiency blowers are used in many industrial settings including small pumps, compressors, water heating, and HVAC. Conveyor technologies include mounted bearings, couplings, gear motors, and modular plastic belts. They have been produced by Grove for more than 75 years. Couplings include jaw, grid, gear, and universal joints. Custom couplings can alos be ordered. Grove produces many electrical components along with gearing for complex systems and equipment. Grove's generators range from 5 kW to 4 MW. You can get a range of power transmission components and switchgear, which is in high demand.

To learn more about Grove Gear at Kurz and find the right product, contact a helpful staff member today.