Kurz Brands: Nord

Since its foundation in 1965, NORD has retained its commitment to providing consumers around the world with the highest quality products. Today, NORD is a global supplier of drive electronics, motors, and gear unit components. NORD's products stand out for their durability, longevity, low maintenance, and long service life.

You can find many NORD products at Kurz. The line of drive technology includes:

• Gear motors
• Electric motors
• MAXXDrive
• Electronic drive solutions

Within the category of gear motors, some NORD products you'll find through Kurz include helical inline gear motors, parallel shaft gear motors, helical bevel gear motors, and worm gear motors. Variable speed motors are also available. All gear motors have high torque outputs, and they have ideal gear efficiencies for use in over 100 different industries. From the food industry to warehouses, NORD's gear motors serve many different purposes. They are modular, flexible, rugged, and powerful in design, with drive torques that reach up to 880,000 pounds per inch.

Electric motors are also available in several varieties. Energy efficient and versatile, they come in the form of asynchronous electric motors, synchronous permanent magnet, and explosion proof. All electric motors are designed with quality and precision in mind. They are built for use in many applications, and they adapt for use with NORD's full range of gearboxes. The electric motors are designed to be reliable and efficient, which reduces operating costs and protects the environment.

The MAXXDrive series features quiet gear units with high output torque. The product line includes helical bevel industrial units and helical parallel industrial units. They are intended for use in agitators, conveyor belt drives, drums, crushers, mills, and mixers. The MAXXDrive units are built in accordance with UNICASE design principles.

Electronic drive solutions include motor starters and frequency inverters. They are available as decentralized versions and centralized solutions. Products in this series include control drive solutions and cabinet AC vector drive.

With a wide range of products, NORD has something for everyone. Get in touch with a Kurz associate today to find out what NORD products are best suited for your needs.