Kurz Brands: Leeson

Kurz supplies products from Leeson for customers who need variable-speed control solutions. Leeson's product line accommodates all types of AC and DC motors.

Leeson's products are made for various commercial and industrial applications that require uncompromising solutions such as custom designs, extreme environments, and tailored approaches. There are many products to choose from to properly configure your AC and DC motors.

Leeson's products apply to a wide range of motors. They include:

• AC and DC gear motors
• Adjustable speed drives
• Custom motors
• Brake motors
• Explosion proof motors
• General purpose motors
• General purpose, both single-phase and three-phase
• HVAC motors
• Permanent magnet AC and DC motors
• Special voltage
• Inverter duty
• IEC metric motors

Washdown motors handle anything from a single splash to routine washdowns. Furthermore, they are USDA-approved and FDA-approved for assurance. Farm and agriculture motors are other notable products. Leeson has carefully crafted farm motors for more than 40 years. Today, they are designed to handle high starting loads and other requirements specific to the agricultural industry, including severe duty applications. They are made for auger drives, grain stirring, fan ventilation, and more, including general purpose. Explosion proof motors are suitable for use in areas where explosive agents and fires exist. They are built to several electrical code standards, including Division I and Division II. Special voltage motors are made for use in settings that necessitate special voltages. This includes 575V, 50Hz, and 200/400V. The motors are commonly used in fans, compressors, pumps, blowers, and other industrial settings. Variable speed motors are used in conveyors, pumps, fans, and material handling. They are made for use in inverter and vector duty motors. HVAC motors can endure harsh applications. They are used in dryer fans, condenser fans, and cooling towers fans. General purpose motors contain cast iron frames and rolled steel. They are used in a wide variety of applications including pumps, conveyors, and compressors.

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