Kurz Brands: ABB

ABB Motors and Mechanical Inc. is a global manufacturer, designer, and distributor of technology that powers industries and societies. The company's products include generators, electric motors, and power transmission. Today, ABB operates in more than 100 countries. The company serves many industries including automotive, buildings and infrastructure, mining, oil and gas, cement, printing, power generation, chemical, food and beverage, rail, and transportation centers.

ABB's goal is to modernize and energize its clients to create a more sustainable and productive future. Kurz proudly partners with ABB to provide customers with quality products, including:
• Control room solutions
• Drives
• Electric vehicle charging equipment
• Generators and motors
• Inverters and power converters
• Low voltage products
• Metallurgy products
• PLC automation
• Robotics

Control rooms include comprehensive design schemes that address a variety of control room problems such as ambient noise, fatigue, space, and efficiency. ABB's control rooms are solutions-oriented designs that are made to save space and support 24/7 critical processes. They account for the human and equipment factors in a control room to provide the optimal environment for safety, efficiency, and collaboration.

Drives optimize processes and control. They are also reliable and minimize downtime. They can be used for many purposes and in applications around the world. Electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure includes total solutions that include AC wallboxes, reliable connectivity, and DC quick charging stations in compact designs made to maximize efficiency and productivity. Generators and motors are made for use in many industries, including marine, power, cement, oil and gas, and food and beverage. The product line includes synchronous motors, synchronous condensers, NEMA low-voltage motors, and mechanical power transmission. Inverters and power converters are designed for reliable operation in demanding conditions. Additionally, they are optimized for minimal life cycle costs. The inverter and converter line includes traction and wind turbine converters, energy storage, grid interconnections, and grid stabilization. ABB's low voltage product lines are made to protect, control, and connect to electrical installations, switchboards, electromechanical devices, and enclosures. Metallurgy products include electromagnetic braking and stirring solutions for aluminum and steel. Ultimately, they lower operating costs, improve end-product quality, and boost productivity. ABB's metallurgy products are designed to be high-performance, top-quality, and reliable. PLC automation includes flexible, high performance devices including automation builders, control panels, and legacy products. They are used in building infrastructure, material handling, data centers, and more.

Robotics are another one of ABB's premium lines. The robotics collection includes robot software, industrial robots, complete application solutions, and equipment. ABB Robotics are manufactured in more than 50 countries around the world. They are used in the automotive, healthcare, food and beverage, solar, and wood industries, to name a few.

In addition to its products, ABB also offers a number of systems. The systems line includes control systems, turbocharging, safety, electric vehicle charging, UPS, power conditioning, power electronics, and operations management.

If you think that your company will benefit from ABB's products or systems, don't hesitate to contact Kurz today. A helpful Kurz associate will gladly help you order a product or find the right system for your needs.