Kurz Brands: Bodine

For over 100 years, Bodine has produced superior motion control solutions. Bodine is committed to creating high quality products, including drive and gear motor solutions, to help customers meet a range of needs. The company focuses of quality, design, and availability, including selling products through a network of distributors such as Kurz. Bodine's gear motors have a reputation for longevity, reliability, and long life span. Additionally, they are well-suited for use in many commercial and industrial applications. Bodine's products are ISO certified, and they are continually updated to meet the ever-changing needs of a demanding client base.

There are many products that Bodine offers. The expansive product line includes:

• AC Products
• DC Products
• Brushless DC Products
• Motion Controls
• Parts and Accessories

AC products include AC motors, AC parallel shaft gear motors, AC right angle gear motors, and three-phase AC inverter motors and duty gear motors. The line of DC products includes DC motors, DC parallel shaft gear motors, DC right angle gear motors, and right angle hollow shaft gear motors. Within the category of brushless DC products are brushless DC motors, brushless DC parallel shaft gear motors, brushless DC right angle gear motors, and INTEGRAmotor gear motors and BLDC motors. Motion controls are categorized into three main groups, which are DC controls, AC controls, and brushless DC controls.

If you need parts or accessories for your AC, DC, and DC brushless products, rest assured the Bodine has something for you. The list of accessories includes terminal boxes, hollow shaft accessories, AC run capacitors, and encoder shaft kits. AC run capacitors come in plastic box types in various sizes. Terminal boxes are made of die cast for durability, and they also vary in size. Hollow shaft accessories include hollow shaft kits with a single shaft. Encoder shaft kits are also available, and you can find all the replacement parts you need as well.

There are a variety of Bodine products on the market for your needs. Don't hesitate to contact Kurz today to find a solution that you need for all your industrial and mechanical applications.