Dodge: A Trusted Brand with Patented Technology

Kurz trusts Dodge for one perfectly simple reason: their products solve problems.

From shaft mount reducers to bearing, Dodge offers patented solutions engineered with a wide range of applications in mind. For decades, Dodge has set the watermark in the industry, and sets the tone for what quality looks like.

Take a look at just a few of the Dodge products you can get from Kurz. You can also reach out to our team with any questions or quote requests and start working with better products. It’ll be the easiest decision you make all day.

Motorized Torque Arm: Your Heavy Duty Solution

We know sometimes you need heavy duty reducers. These are the ones you want if you need power and performance of a rugged gearbox for more demanding applications.

Like many Dodge products, these Torque Arm reducers feature patented engineering to give you increased performance, like the patented twin taper bushing system. Other features you can expect include:

  • Ratings from 3hp to 100hp
  • Standard TA II torque arm rod kits
  • Standard and short shaft twin-tapered bushings
  • Reduced assembly time
  • Reduced guarding costs
  • Reduced maintenance requirements

Torque Arm II

The Dodge Torque-Arm speed reducers are providing service in more than 1.8 million units throughout the world. Millions of folks know what Kurz knows: the Dodge Torque Arms are unbeatable in quality and performance.

The Torque Arm II, a shaft mount, helical hear reducer, mounts directly on the drive shaft. Right off the shelf, this shaft mount reducer is ready to work in a wide range of environments, often without customization. Here’s what Kurz loves about this product from Dodge:

  • 12 case sizes through 400 hp
  • Patented sealing system
  • Totally modular reducer and accessory design
  • AGMA and ABMA Rated
  • Industry-leading backstop design
  • Patented twin tapered bushing system

Ball Bearings: Dodge D-LOK

At Kurz, we want to assure superior holding power and improved concentricity with our ball bearings. The Dodge D-LOK gets the job done with features like these:

  • Precision-hardened and honed inner and outer rings
  • Normal-duty wide inner ring
  • D-LOK locking mechanism
  • Stronger, flexible ball retainer

Manufactured in the USA, these grip the shaft tighter and more uniformly for less vibration, even at high speeds. They’re engineered with you in mind, namely your need for unique concentric collar bearings with excellent performance and gripping power.

Mounted Roller Bearings: Dodge Imperial

The Dodge Imperial spherical roller bearings are high-capacity double-row spherical roller bearings with an effective easy-on, easy-off adapter mounting and removal system – the only one of its kind.

The Imperial roller bearing is patented to provide a concentric grip for superior holding on the shaft while reducing fretting corrosion you typically see caused by traditional setscrews + vibration.

  • No longer need feeler gauges
  • Easy to remove
  • Field convertible
  • Triple lip contact seals for wet or dirty applications
  • Great for high speed and high-temperature applications (thanks to labyrinth non-contact seals)

Better products are just a few minutes away. Reach out to our team now and start working with more reliable, better-performing products that make your life easier.