Kurz Brands: Overly Hautz

Overly Hautz has a complete line of motor mounting products for all your needs. Overly Hautz has been in business for more than 75 years. Since then, the company has designed and manufactured one of the most comprehensive line of motor mounting products in the world. Naturally, you will find many Overly Hautz products at Kurz to meet your needs.

Overly has many products, which are made for a wide range of uses. The product line contains:

• Automatic motor bases
• Custom built bases
• Adjustable motor bases
• Adjustable motor rails
• Heavy duty rails and bases
• Conversion bases
• Pivoting motor bases

Automatic motor bases are made for some of the most challenging applications, including shake-outs, rock crushers, fans, and vibrating screens. Automatic motor bases are energy efficient and help to maintain the right amount of belt tension for optimal performance. They are quick and easy to use if you need to make frequent belt adjustments. They are also flexible and allow for dynamic belt tensioning while in operation. Custom built bases solve problems ranging from complex to simple. They are precise and economical steel fabrications. Custom solutions come in many platforms including plates, benches, structures, scoop arrangements, and rails. Adjustable motor bases are made for both smaller and larger motors. They have different frames but are equally powerful and efficient. Adjustable motor rails are made in several styles. They are also made of durable steel. They are designed to fit specific NEMA frame sizes. Heavy duty rails are also available for motors ranging in size from a power output of 250 HP to 500 HP. Conversion bases adapt NEMA motor frames to your existing mountings. They provide improvements in winding materials and insulation to maximize horsepower and efficiency. Pivoting motor bases include fixed position and reactive pivot bases. Fixed position bases are made in standard and heavy duty sizes. Reactive pivot bases reduce slip and vibration, and they control belt tension automatically.

To learn more about Overly Hautz's products and find the right solution for your applications, contact Kurz today.