Kurz Brands: Elektrim

Elektrim Motors has been a fixture on the market for more than 40 years. Since its beginnings, Elektrim has produced a full range of AC NEMA and IEC Metric motors that produce up to 6,300 HP. Elektrim's motors are utilized in systems around the world, including ISO 9001 systems. To this day, the company prides itself on creating quality motors that are some of the longest-lived and most durable on the market.

Kurz offers a comprehensive lineup of Elektrim's motors, including:

• Premium Efficient
• Crusher Duty
• High Efficient
• Larger Metric
• 56C
• T/TC
• Close Coupled Pump
• 56C Stainless Steel
• Premium Efficient Stainless Steel
• Premium Efficient Brakes
• Medium Voltage
• Oil Well Pump
• 575V Motors
• Custom Motors

The Premium Efficient series includes severe duty, all-purpose, and performance. The performance motors can produce up to 400 HP. The Severe Duty and all-purpose series deliver a maximum of 350 HP. Crusher duty motors have a bit more power at 600 HP max. The High Efficient motors produce 270 HP. Larger metric motors, which are inverter duty rated, generate 220 to 1500 HP. 56C motors deliver up to 1,800 RPM. T/TC High Torque motors, which are single phase motors, create up to 10 HP. They stand out for their high starting torque. TEFC JM/JP motors generate 30 HP. They have a maximum RPM of 3,600 to 1,800. TEFC motors can be used vertically or horizontally. They are inverter duty rated and have vacuum pressure impregnation. 6C Stainless Steel motors have a service factor of 1.5. They are adapted into single-phase and three-phase layouts. They are made of durable 300 Series steel that is corrosion-resistant. The Premium Efficient Stainless Steel motor has the same basic properties but produces 30 HP. You can also get Premium Efficient brakes that are NEMA compliant. Medium voltage motors are also made of cast iron. They are specially designed to have a quieter operation. Metric and Above NEMA are the two primary categories. Durable oil well pumps and 575V motors are also available.

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