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Toshiba Motors and Drives

Kurz Industrial Solutions is a proud authorized distributor of Toshiba Products! Kurz offers Low and Medium Voltage motors, Low and Medium Adjustable Variable Speed Drives, and Power Apparatus/Components. Low Voltage motors are kept in stock at Neenah, Eau Claire, and New Berlin.

The Toshiba International Corporation (TIC) Motors & Drives division offers a full range of low and medium voltage motors, adjustable speed drives, motor controls, and power apparatus & components. The Motor and Drives division is anchored by a totally integrated manufacturing process; research and development, design, engineering, production and manufacturing, and aftermarket service and support. With the capability to test products together as a system before sending out into the field, TIC ensures the highest level of quality, performance, and reliability.

Low Voltage Motors

Toshiba motors are designed to meet the industry’s ever-increasing need for improved energy conservation and product reliability. These motors offer the highest efficiency and torque ratings. They produce some of the lowest vibration ratings in the industry, leading to a longer life and greater reliability.

General Purpose Motors

General Purpose Motors are available in open drip proof, totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC), and totally enclosed explosion proof enclosures.

Definite Purpose Motors

Toshiba’s Definite Purpose motors are designed for specific industrial applications. Available in open drip proof, totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC), totally enclosed non-ventilated, and totally enclosed blower cooled enclosures.

Each definite purpose motor is specifically designed for a range of different industrial applications. These motors satisfy the industrial standards requirement for each application and are manufactured for optimal performance.

Toshiba designs definite purpose motors for conveyors, windmills, lumber and ceramic dry kilns, oil well pumps, aggregate and mining quarries, food and pharmaceuticals, and industrial material processors and handlers.

Medium Voltage Motors

Toshiba’s medium voltage motors are some of the toughest motors around. Each motor meets the increasing need for energy conservation and reliability. Available in open drip proof, weather-protected type I and II, totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC), and totally enclosed air-to-air cooled enclosures. Medium voltage motors range from 100 to 50,000 HP and 2300 to 13,800 V.  Toshiba’s motors are completely customizable due to design, engineering, and manufacturing taking place in-house. This allows Toshiba to meet and exceed your one of a kind application requirements.

TIC’s motor manufacturing plant has the ability to customize each medium voltage motor. Frame size, IP rating, rotor construction, bearing type, lifting and jacking holes can all be fitted to your application. These modifications are managed and supervised by Toshiba’s in-house project management team.

Adjustable Speed Drives

Low Voltage

Toshiba entered the North American adjustable speed drives market in 1981 and has continued to grow the market. Drives produced by Toshiba are award-winning. They are proven to exceed the requirements for virtually any industry, application, and environment.

Medium Voltage

Toshiba’s medium voltage adjustable speed drives are some of the most innovative drive offerings to date. No other drives feature the latest technologies that greatly enhance performance, efficiency, and safety. These drives are designed and manufactured in Houston, Texas.

Power Apparatus and Components

Toshiba entered the power apparatus & component (PAC) market in 1979. Since then Toshiba has evolved into a world leader in PAC technology. TIC PAC products are designed for reliability and safety.