Kurz Brands: Mersen

Mersen is an internationally recognized provider of electrical power products and advanced materials. Mersen specializes in providing innovative, tailored solutions to maximize manufacturing performance and efficiency.

Mersen meets the needs of clients around the world with many products, including:

• Electrical Protection and Control
• Power Management Solutions
• Anticorrosion Equipment
• Graphite Specialties
• Power Transfer Technologies

For electrical protection and control, Mersen provides a full line of fuses, fuse systems, and fuse gear. The line also includes IEC low-voltage general purpose fuses and fuse gear. High-voltage and medium-voltage fuses are also available, along with UL/CSA general purpose fuses and fuse gear with a low voltage. Power monitoring equipment, lighting protection, and surge protection are other products.

Mersen's power management solutions are designed to protect power electronics from current faults, cool power electronics, and convert power for optimal performance. The diverse range of power management products includes high-speed fuses, bus bars, cooling solutions, film capacitors, and direct current protection for electric vehicle motors and batteries.

Mersen's anticorrosion equipment includes process technologies, heat exchangers, piping systems and accessories, columns, reactors, and pressure vessels, corrosion-resistant materials, and bursting discs. Collectively, the line is designed to protect processing equipment from corrosion in a wide range of materials, such as titanium, silicon carbide, graphite, nickel alloy, carbon steel, stainless steel, and reactive metals.

The Graphite Specialties line is designed for use in certain environments, including corrosion, high temperature exposure, and mechanical wear. The product series includes graphite, carbon insulation for high temperature processes, silicon carbide products (SiC), and flexible graphite materials.

Power transfer technologies are another category of products offered by Mersen. This product line includes specialty products for electric motors. Carbon brushes, brush rockers, brush holders, signal transmission systems, slip-ring assemblies, and current collection are some of the solutions that you will find for generator and motor applications. Mersen's brush holders and brushes are top choices for industrial electric motors.

Kurz proudly offers a wide range of Mersen's products. Contact a Kurz representative today to purchase a Mersen product or ask about the products best suited for your needs.