SEW EURODRIVE: Your Solution for Extreme Conditions

Tired of Motor Damage? Avoid it with SEW EURODRIVE

Food processing facilities create extreme conditions. We see it all the time: harsh environments causing motor damage due to the ingress of water (and other solid contaminants) resulting in too-short motor lifespans. SEW EURODRIVE has a solution.

SEW EURODRIVE is a leader in the food industry.

They’ve solidified their spot by engineering products that solve problems, but importantly, have created products that help avoid problems from happening in the first place.

  • AC Gearmotor
  • Industrial Gear Units: versatile series of gear unit products with diverse torque ranges for tons of applications like conveyor systems, timber and paper, bulk material handling, mining, construction, mill drives, crane construction and more.
  • Movidrive Drive Inverter: new B Series drive inverters come with extensive basic functions, a wide power range, great overload capacity, and modular unit design.
  • MOVIMOT Gearmotor: a combination of a gear motor and digital frequency inventory. Power range from 0.37 kW to 4.0 kW. Super flexible application.


Products from SEW EURODRIVE are designed to combat the many motor hazards we all are too familiar with: sing phasing, shorted windings, shorted conduit box connections, and bearing failures.

The SEW gear units are a great example of a product engineered to last.

  • KT, FT, ST gear units have stainless steel TorqLOC keyless hollow shaft bushing system
  • Synthetic food grade oil – H1 approved
  • Stainless steel nameplate (and oil level and drain plug)
  • PTFE output shaft seals
  • Available with NEMA C-FACE motor adaptor

New or Repairable: Kurz Has You Covered

Whether you need a new motor that can withstand the harsh conditions of food processing facilities or a repairable motor, Kurz can help with both.

Kurz Industrial Solutions is one of only two premier distributors for SEW EURODRIVE in the United States, which for you means affordable products, service and expertise and rapid turn around.

Kurz Industrial Solutions has direct access to the products you need for new and existing applications. We can be your key to preventing process downtime from failures in the future.

Get your quote today, or simply ask us a question about which product is the right fit for you. We’re here for you when you need us.