Kurz Brands: Baldor/Reliance

Baldor Reliance is a proud manufacturer of general purpose motors. Baldor's motors are renowned for their longevity and availability. They are carefully designed to provide industry-leading flexibility, reliability, and safety. Baldor motors are made for use in a range of applications. They are available for distribution through Kurz to meet all your manufacturing needs.

Baldor Reliance offers many products, including:

• Three-phase motors
• Single-phase motors
• Brake motors
• Inverter duty motors
• HVAC motors

Three-phase motors are available as open and closed models. They are exceptionally energy efficient and have a high starting torque. Baldor's three-phase motors are engineered for reliable performance in harsh environments with exposure to corrosives, dust, and water. The three-phase motors are made out of heavy-gauge steel and cast iron. They can be used in compressors, conveyors, blowers, fans, pumps, and industrial machinery.

Single-phase motors are intended for use in single-phase applications where smaller amounts of power are required. Baldor's single-phase motors are also designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. They can be used in gear reducers, air handling, pumps, fans, and air handling.

Brake motors decelerate driven loads. They have a vibration dampening base and accessible brake leads. Applications include door operators, machine tools, packaging equipment, unit handling, conveyors, and other industrial equipment.

Inverter duty motors can be used in most general purpose processes and applications. They are designed to be used in adjustable speed applications, and they can be used with NEMA and IEC frames. They have Class F insulation and insulated bearings, along with minimal noise production and a sturdy cast iron frame. They are ideal for extruders, oil drilling, web processing, winders, and more.

HVAC motors are made in TEFC and ODP designs. They are designed for smooth, quiet, and efficient operation. Baldor Reliance HVAC motors require minimal maintenance. They have a three-phase design with a bar-coded Spec label. HVAC motors are suitable for fans, AC blowers, heating, and ventilation.

Kurz is a proud supplier of quality Baldor Reliance products. Contact Kurz today if you already have a Baldor Reliance product in mind, or if you have questions about which Baldor Reliance product is right for you.